Sunday, May 28, 2017

What do you do when you are angry?

I thought this was a good way to remember to teach our kids how to deal with anger...and maybe ourselves.

What do you do with the mad that you feel,  
When you get so mad that you could bite?
When the whole wide world seems oh so wrong, 
And nothing you do seems very right?
What do you do?
Do you punch a bag?
Do you pound some clay or some dough?
Do you round up friends for a game of tag, 
Or see how fast you go?
It's great to be able to stop when you've planned the thing that's wrong. 
And to be able to do something else instead and think this song...
I can stop when I want to, Can stop when I wish, 
Can stop, stop, stop anytime
And what a good feeling to feel like this, 
And know that the feeling is really mine.
Know that there is something deep inside, 
That helps us become what we can, 
...for a girl can someday be a Woman, 
and a boy can someday be a Man. 
                                  -Mr. Rogers ( song from his show Mr. Roger's Neighborhood)

It might seem corny, but I know people who feel like this show helped them... it was an iconic show on Public Broadcasting for many years,  Mr. Rogers Neighborhood was a comfortable and safe place that  gave children a sense of belonging because the host spoke to the children as if one on one, and made them feel welcome just the way they were, and gave them tools to deal with everyday emotions like anger, fear, sadness, and love.... 

Monday, May 22, 2017

We start this week off with Digital Readworks.

Please type in the address bar:
The access code for our class is: XZB3NW

Find your name, click on it, your password is: 1234

The assignment today is: Processes

When finished with this lesson, use the tab at the top of the page to review vocabulary and the tab for questions

. When finished, click on Submit.

After this lesson, please go to Aztec, the lesson this week is in Language, 


Foundations: Using Language>Writing Skills>Developing the Topic

Pre-HSE: Writing> Writing Skills> Writing an Essay

GED Prep: Reasoning Through Language Arts> Writing Skills>Elements of an Essay


Digital Readworks

Aztec Learning Software

Monday, May 15, 2017

May 15-18, 2017 Check often this week!

First, Congratulations to all those who graduated! The latest TCHSE Graduates walked across the stage this past Saturday, May 13, at the Ector County Colesium!
 Way to go!!

Check this page each day to check for changes in our classes!  😁

Our work this week will focus on Aztec, some of you are ready to take your GED tests, some are ready to take the Aztec Practice Tests, and some are ready to go to the next level in your studies. Wherever you are in the Aztec system, you will focus on Math this week, when you are finished with the given lesson, go to your DOS!

If you have not done so already, stop by to talk to me about your resume. Most of you will be able to pick up your disk/flash drive, I have notes in each of the sleeves.


Foundations:  Mathematics>Data Analysis>Reading and Creating Graphs & Charts

Pre-HSE: Mathematics>Data Analysis>Reading and Creating Graphs & Charts

GED Prep:  Mathematical Reasoning>Quantitative Problem Solving in Geometry>Geometric Properties and Operations

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 8-11, 2017

We are getting closer to the end of school!  😓 

 You have been working hard! Check out our Upcoming Events page for the Midnight Breakfast Extravaganza and the Bake Sale on Wednesday that benefits the "No Kid Hungry". It will make a nice change of pace if you take the time to visit and have fun! You will show your student ID at the door, if you DO NOT have your ID yet... it's OK, just give them your name, they will have a list of our students 👌

If you have any questions about taking the GED, please come visit with me or Ms. Pina. I can help you set up your account.

This week, we are continuing to work on the Resume Editing if needed, if you want extra work in Word 2013, there is a lesson for you, and Aztec lessons are a must!

Monday/Tuesday  The Word 2013 lesson  is as follows: 
***You must complete this lesson if you want me to write you a reference for your resume!
Open Word 2013> Choose Blank Document> Choose Font-Verdana> Choose font size-12> Type in Name, Homeroom, Date> New paragraph- Type in "Job Qualifications I have"> New paragraph- Choose Bullet> Type in list of qualifications> Choose File>from drop down box, choose Print> From dialogue box choose LaserJet 2300printer> Choose Print> Close document> from dialogue box choose don't save. 
Turn in the document!
Wednesday/Thursday Aztec Software: 
(if completed already, work in DOS!)

Foundations: Using Language>Writing Skills>Types of Writing

Pre-HSE: Reading> Specific Reading Skills> Reading Literature

GED-Prep:  Reasoning Through Language Arts> Analyzing                               Texts> Comparing Texts


Aztec Learning Software

Also check out our upcoming events page!  there are new updates!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

May 1-4, 2017

Happy May Day to you all!     

Notice there is a new 'button' next to the 'Home' button on the ribbon above. This 'RESUME Tips' page is to help with examples, snippets of articles, and links to pages filled with templates, examples, and hints... USE IT!

For anyone who has not completed the resume, that will be the challenge this week... finish it! 

 Turn in your Flash Drive or CD-R at the end of the class so I am able to comment or add information, this is an assignment.

I've had questions about no work experience, which is valid if you are still in school. There are several links at the bottom of this article to take you to examples, one with a lot of explanation, a lot is reiterating what I have shared in class.

For those who are finished, AZTEC

Foundations: Math>Preparing for Algebra> Writing Basic Equations

Pre-HSE: Mathematics>Solving Linear Equations and Inequalities> Understanding Algebra

GED Prep: Mathematical Reasoning>Algebraic Problem Solving with Graphs and Functions> Functions 

Thank you so much for making the effort, I do understand that it is getting close to the end of the school year, some of you are anxious to finish your lessons and get the testing over with. 

We will work in the Aztec Software as much as possible after the resumes are completed.

Links for the week:

Aztec Learning Software

Resume examples

Resume example for no experience with explanation

Another Resume example for no work experience

Resume example for lots of experience

Cover Letter example    
 *Don't get sidelined on these pages. * Look at the example, don't start looking around and downloading things. Just scroll down to read the examples!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

April 24- 27, 2017

Since the resume work is taking shape, we will continue to work on them. I have looked at many of the beginnings on your disks or flash drives, and they are looking good. 

The Cover Letters are important, they catch the eye of the potential hiring agent.  I recently spoke with several people that I admire, from different businesses. Each one responsible for hiring, whether as Personnel Director or as the actual owner of a company. They all say the same thing, the Cover Letter is what they notice, what makes or breaks the hire. 

So, we will go over your cover letters a bit more, hone them. You may have an extra file on your disk. If it has my name on it, open it before you do anything else. Read it!

If you do have something from me, it is because I  am trying to go through and comment on anything that I have to offer to you about your cover letter or resume. This seemed like a simple way to do it. 

You still need to work in Aztec, whether it is before or after classes, or at home, the Learning Resource Center or wherever you have access to a computer. 

This week the Aztec Lesson is:

Foundations: Math> Everyday Math Skills> Math Problems with Multiple Operations

Pre-HSEMathematics>Function and Graphs>basics of Functions

GED-PrepSocial Studies> History and Economics>Macro, Micro, and Consumer Economics

Links for this week:

What is a Resume?
Writing a Cover Letter- Tips

Cover Letter Builder (good site!) Good examples

Chronological format Resume(Most common)

School to Work Resume Sample (yes, you need one!)

Combinations Resume- No Paid Work Experience (yep, even one for this!)

Bookkeeper resume sample

Entry Level Nursing Assistant Resume

 Construction/Carpenter's Assistant Resume

Housekeeping or Janitor resume (yes, you need one!)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

April 17-20, 2017 IMPORTANT INFO! check several times during the week

This week we are all working on our resume!

This is an important step for your future, please be prepared to come to class and spend as much time as possible creating and editing your resume. 

Have your work experience, schooling, certificates if any listed. Think about your attributes. What is it that you can bring to the employer that they need? 

Remember if you have or want to purchase a flash drive, you do not have to have a large one. If you cannot or do not wish to have a flash drive, we will have CD-R (thanks to Ms. Piña who is going to provide them for us at no cost). I need to know ahead of time so that we can make sure there are enough to go around. 

The lesson is going to revolve around creating your cover letter and the actual resume. On Monday, we are going to read from this site, ResumeGuys, which is marvelous at explaining what you need and what you don't in your resume. 

Most of us will create a chronological resume. You can choose a different format if you think it will benefit you, this will become clear when we are reading and working during class. 

This is a real resume  so make it neat, tidy, naturally truthful. 

If you already have a resume- 
Bring it to class. If it is on a disk or a flash drive that is great, it can be printed as well. 
We will go over it and polish it up to make it look it's best!

👷 Remember, this site is under construction👷 Come back often!

***I've added a few links to my Live Binders (remember that you can access this by the link at the left of this page). The links are under Computer Literacy and deal with resumes. 

Check out Youtube for any videos on creating resumes.

LINKS for this week:

Interview Guys- Resume 101 - GREAT SITE!

Writing a Cover Letter- Tips

What is a Resume? Good examples

Chronological format Resume(Most common)

Housekeeping or Janitor resume (yes, you need one!)

School to Work Resume Sample (yes, you need one!)

Combinations Resume- No Paid Work Experience (yep, even one for this!)