Saturday, September 16, 2017

Week 4 - September 18-21, 2017

Week 4 is already upon us! 😬

Goals must be met by this week! September 21st to be exact, that means you must have the one (1) lesson in Aztec's Ready for Work AND the one (1) SPECIFIC lesson in your DOS complete...

Now that may be in Reading, Mathematics, or Language, it is specific to YOU! These are goals that must be met to meet State Requirements, so they are important to complete. 

There are sadly, people who have not yet logged in to Aztec yet. 

I understand that it is rather awkward to be in different buildings and not have set schedules for coming to Lab or to Computer Literacy, this is really understandable... but...

This part of your education is important, and it was set as a Goal! 
People who accomplish the most are those who revisit their goals, actually work towards them, and do not procrastinate completing goals. 

Be one of those powerful people, complete your education, make a place for yourself!

For those of you who have completed your goals, are working in your DOS, but want something extra... go to, click on the tab where it says "Students" > click on orange bar that says "Typing Lessons" (you do NOT have to log in) > Beginner click on 'begin' ... use button to Continue...  do the lesson, stop and write down the WPM/Accuracy. Keep for later on... continue on through lessons. I suggest working on this for about 10 minutes. 

Every day, it is a good idea to go to to practice your keyboarding skills. This type of repetitive action reinforces your hand/eye coordination and memory skills. It makes your fingers go to the right buttons when you see a letter...

Once you have completed 40 direct hours, you will be progress testing. This means that you will be checked to see what you have learned... not a grade.  This is not a test to try to cheat, or try to skip... it is important to do your best, but not be overly anxious about. 

Most know by now, I will not be working in the TxCHSE Department any longer. I am transferring to the ESOL Department this week. I will miss you all very much. Please remember if you need help, you can still email me. I will keep track of your progress, but will not be present.  I will also keep the blog up for a bit, I am not sure how long it will work out with me not being with the classes. I will continue to post updates for things going on around campus.

I hope the best for all that have been in my classes. I love you all, come visit me!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Week 3- September 11-14, 2017

There are links at the bottom ↓↓ of this page,   👀 please keep reading!

This week, the main focus of your Aztec work is in your DOS (your Domain of Significance).  If you have not completed your Ready for Work lesson, you will not be changed over into the learning software. 

Remember that you must work at least an hour per week in Aztec learning software. That does not mean that you turn on your computer, log into Aztec and leave it on for an hour... that means that you actually are working in the software. 

This is the only way that Aztec actually works. You are not cheating anyone but yourself if you are not utilizing the software. This is free software, you have it to help with taking the GED test, which a computerized test. 

 Working in the software familiarizes you to the type of questions, the type of format that the questions will be, and how to answer those questions. 

If you have not been able to access your account, please come to DH203 this week. the hours you can access the instructor are:
M-Th 8:15-9:30
Tu/Th 12-3
M-Th 4:30-6

You may have been missed, or there may be a problem with your account, or maybe there is a number assigned to your account... whatever the reason, come see me!

Have a wonderful week!
Links you can use:   This link will take you to the page for keyboarding practice *** you do NOT need to make an account on this page unless you want it to keep track of your progress. You can write down the progress and keep track of it yourself.  The access code is Deadrick203  you will have access to GED tutorials, Math, Reading, Science, Social Studies help pages. 

To use this page, log in with the access code, when the page comes up, look on the left hand side of the page, it gives six (6) tabs to choose from.  

When you click on that tab, it will take you to that link, you can either read the link on this page or you can click to go to that page directly.  

Please give it a minute to load the page.
Another link that you can find to the ← left of this page is the This page can be accessed with the code XZB3NW    Find your name, click on it, and type in the password: 1234   if you do not find your name listed, come by and see the instructor...

This site has some really great articles that will help you with reading, as well as other subjects.  Reading as much as you can online really does help with the Language portion of the GED.

Again, have a great week!

Friday, September 1, 2017

First Week Completed!

What a wonderful first week of classes!
Most of you had no trouble finding homerooms, even though we were scattered across campus, and everyone found their scheduled classes, which are a bit confusing. There were a few glitches, but for the most part, we rocked!

It was really nice seeing those of you who are returning. Personally, I love having you come in the classroom, smiling and excited about learning, with so much potential for the future!

This coming week, if you have not completed your lesson in Aztec- Ready for Work, this is where you will be working. If you have already completed that lesson, which is a State requirement, you will be changed over into one of the learning portions of Aztec.

If you have not logged in to Aztec yet, DO so this coming week, if you cannot access your account, please see me!  Ms. Covert, Deadrick Hall Room 203.

Your first lesson in Aztec is determined by your DOS, or Domain of Significance. It is specific to you, and you must complete that lesson by September 21. 

Also, we are creating accounts on the GED website.  We will complete the Path Source so it is necessary for you to come to 203 to be able to comply with our requirements. 

So far, there have been a lot of students fulfilling teachers requests to come in and get your  Log-in  IDs and have started working in Aztec.  I want to see more of you in the coming weeks. 

Have a wonderful LONG weekend! Stay safe, enjoy, and we'll see you back bright and early (or evening 😁) on Tuesday, September 5. 


8:15-9:15 M-Th
12-3 T, Th
4:30-6 M-Th

Friday, August 25, 2017

First Day of Classes

Monday, August 28 is quickly approaching! This is the first day of classes for the Odessa College TxCHSE program.  If you have already received your Homeroom assignment and map or building and room number, you are set to start!

You may have noticed that the name has changed! TxCHSE stands for the Texas Certificate of High School Equivalency.  Not only has the name changed, but you will see many other changes as well.

We will have the same wonderful teachers (and a return of Ms Narvaez!) but we will have a different schedule, different buildings, and different way of working in Aztec. It is all going to be a wonderful experience for you, the student!

Give it a couple of weeks to get settled in to the new arrangements, buildings, and schedules. Also be mindful of the students around you, and help out when you can, there will be some that have a hard time finding their room assignments.

It is important that you still will work in Aztec. If you are a returning student, the password has changed, if you spoke with me two weeks ago... the change I gave you is not what the new password will be... 

Teachers will go over the procedures for accessing Aztec during orientation.

apple 2You will be starting in "Ready for Work" series again this semester. Once you have finished that lesson, you will be placed in the appropriate level (either Foundations, Pre-HSE, or GED Prep).  

Each student is expected to work at least one hour per week.  When you work in Aztec, it really does help round out your learning, and gets you prepared to take the GED on computer.

I, and all the teachers, look forward to seeing each and every one of you this semester!


Tuesday, August 22, 2017

August 21-24, 2017

We are well in testing our new students and a few of our returning students. I am so very glad to see familiar faces, and our new students are excited to get started!

There might be a few trying times during the first week or so of classes, remember patience and respect for others while we are all getting used to the new schedules and buildings.

Always remember to ask questions if you need help, whether it is with finding your class, your schedule, or with any of the material.

Remember that your voice needs to be heard!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Orientation Begins!

Today is the day that Orientation begins!
If you were scheduled to test today, please show up!

If you are registered, you have been given a time and date to test, yes... everyone has to test, even returning students... and you will test on that given date, and fill out other forms (you know the drill by now!)

If you can not make the assigned testing time, please call and let the office know why(432-335-6380)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Last Days of Registration

Remember to come by Deadrick Hall Room 216 to register by the 10th.
Scroll down to the next post to see the required paperwork...
Orientation starts the 14th.

We have a POLL to the right on the page~ ↦→→→

Looking forward to seeing all of you!